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What is LANAP

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure 

Dr. Suway has trained extensively in the use of a specialized dental laser to perform minimally invasive laser assisted periodontal therapy.  We now have a kinder gentler technique to regenerate new tissue and bone around diseased teeth. In many cases, we can save teeth that might otherwise have needed to be extracted. The procedure is called LANAP and stands for laser assisted new attachment procedure.  This procedure has many advantages over conventional periodontal regeneration surgery. 

The laser is:

  1. FDA approved for safety and efficacy in forming new tissue and bone around previously diseased teeth.

  2. Able to remove diseased tissue, leaving healthy tissue unharmed.

  3. Successful at completely killing the bacteria that lives under the gums and within the gum tissue itself without spreading it into the blood stream.

  4. Able to form a healing clot for regeneration.

  5. Safely used on patients taking blood thinners.

  6. Very good at accomplishing bone and tissue regeneration without the need to use animal or human graft materials.

  7. In many cases, less expensive than conventional regeneration surgery.


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